Toby: Best Friend & EP Extraordinaire

This is my best friend Toby

Toby: Best Friend & Executive Producer

In the past year, I’ve gotten to know my best friend very well. Whereas beforehand I spent very little time with him. We were passing ships in the night it felt.

He has been at every writing session, most recording sessions and rehearsal I’ve had. In the past year, he’s been my writing partner! When songs are bad – he runs and faces the wall! When songs are great, he’s an immediate audience and listens intently. He’s also learned how to sing. Right now his favorite songs are “Next to Me” by Emilie Sande and JT’s “Mirrors.” The latter of which we sang today together. He sings somewhat on key, it’s amazing. I should be more of a momager to Toby but I digress.

I often travel for work. This has never been a big deal. Today, I dropped him off and he followed me to the door and looked confused. He’s the only other creature on earth who lives Christmas everyday with me.

My entire life I’ve wanted a pet, having never had one as a kid. He’s more than a pet though. I wish I could bring him to all my meetings up and down the West Coast.

Toby one day I promise you, I’ll work on getting us a proper sleigh. American Airlines is not good enough for you.

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