It’s Always Christmas in Duluth, Minnesota

The holiday season is something that is synonymous with gifts. Are you ready for a secret? I know what the best gift is and it doesn’t cost anything and you cannot buy it from any store.

The greatest gift that one could ever receive from another person is the gift of belief.

Do you ever wonder why so many songwriters write about it? I’ve figured out why. In this music business, you need a real Costco/Sam’s Club/BJ’s economy sized amounts of it. From all places. Within yourself, for your team, and from your family and friends.

They say that people come into your life at the right moment at the right time. You can say that about the random note I received from a DJ in Duluth, Minnesota with the simple request, “Can I play your song on the radio?”

For me Chris Allen had come into my life with perfect timing, as most Radio DJ’s have. (Ever wonder how they are able to accurately end their sentences before the song plays?! Pure magicians work I tell you!) The day he called, I was just about to tape my final episode of “Failure Club.” I was set to talk about how top 10 iTunes was fantastic. Literally an hour before the final taping, Chris threw me a line that would provide a cliffhanger for myself instead of a full stop.

Watch that moment here!

Before he had called, I had always been mystified by the radio. After all, it’s the vehicle in which enabled me to meet and familiarize myself with all this Christmas music I hold in such high esteem. Christmas music and radio go together like Jingle and Bells.

Chris Allen was the first radio DJ to breath airwaves into my music. For that I am forever thankful for.

As the “Failure Club” ended, and we said our Goodbye’s – I was left with a journey and my training wheels were stripped from me. It was time to ride on this adventure on my own.

Being a born and raised New Yorker, my family kept their computers peeled to this station in Duluth, Minnesota last Christmas. As far as my family was concerned, it was only radio station in the country. As the final snowflakes fell, as the seasons changed – as Christmas was just another season in the history books – Chris Allen was still there! He had helped me to navigate all the questions I had about radio and became a friend along on my journey. With his help, I was able to focus on my journey. It’s poignant because without his belief in me at radio, I would not have had the courage to try and figure out the mysticism behind getting into this magical music box.

With belief you will never believe how far you’ll go.

Today, I’m the #39th most played current record in AC radio.

It is because of this I’m ecstatic to announce that I will be kicking off the Christmas season with Chris Allen this Friday! A piece of my heart goes to Duluth, Minnesota every year and I’m so happy to be performing an acoustic concert for Kool 101.7 It’s the first time I’ll be performing an acoustic set on the radio and would love for everyone to tune in Friday, November 22 at 7am CST! :)

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