Christmas Always Starts This Way

Just like all great art, it really starts with a vision and a sketch. A long time ago, someone told me that you should always start ideas in pencil.

January is a really inspirational time for me because we are still technically in the Christmas season, but just far enough for me to have reflection and longing for the season that was only here yesterday.

This feeling is the springboard of some of my best thoughts and always have that pencil ready. Between now and April, I spend in writing mode. Reworking some of the hundreds of songs I’ve written and of course writing new songs and verses. Music is definitely the focus but I often find myself jotting down new ideas for the year ahead.

There is really nothing more exciting than a new year! 🙂 The possibilities are always endless.

So you can bet the first thing I did this morning was grab my sharpener. By the end of the day I was covered in erasure. Welcome 2015, it’s gonna be a fun year!