Nat King Cole Never Had To Don A Stupid Christmas Outfit

Every year I see the album covers of artists who put out Christmas records and every year it’s the same thing.

Artist wears a furry jacket or Santa themed outfit, juxtaposed against a fake Christmas setting.

Everyone does it. Even I did at one point.

When I thought about the kind of Christmas artist I wanted to be, or who I looked up to. I realized that none of these individuals had ever had to don a stupid Christmas outfit for their albums. Christmas is not in the threads. It is in the fabric of your being and in soul of your recollection and memories.

I study all the Christmas artists that come out every year and I’ve realized that there is definitely a correlation to when someone is trying too hard to appear “Christmasy.” The harder they try, the less sincere their songs.

Just a hint for the next time you make your Christmas playlists.