The War on Christmas Cookies

I know I’m not like most people. I get that. I understand being an outlier and I understand the circumstances in which people may or may not understand how I go about my life and my business.

What I don’t get and what I don’t feel there is any acceptable answer for is how and why gingerbread cookies disappear the way of snowflakes in the summertime!

Snowflakes have a perfectly valid excuse. Gingerbread cookies don’t.

While most people every year have their company summer parties, I like to plan my Christmas party! After all, the summer time is my “off” season and what perfect time than in the summer to have a Christmas in July party.

Year after year, it’s the same struggle. The same war on Christmas cookies. The conversation usually goes something like this:

Me: Hello, I’m looking to order some Gingerbread cookies for my party!
Baker: I’m not sure we can make those!

Me: Why?
Baker: Because we don’t have the ingredients.

There are a lot of things I have had to learn on my coronation as the Queen of Christmas, but I have learned I cannot do everything. Learning how to master gingerbread cookies is high on my shopping but low on my priority. I was feeling a bit defeated and googled the recipe. Where I quickly realized none of the ingredients were rare, seasonal or unavailable to any bakery worth their salt! In fact, I have all the ingredients in my own kitchen right now – but lack the fortitude to bake. I only know how to burn. That’s a whole other post.

Also from an entrepreneurial perspective, if a customer is looking for gingerbread cookies and the ingredients are not hard to get and you most likely have them – why not make them?

My persistence paid off and I was lucky enough to find a bakery that seemed to get it. When the manager asked me for the delivery date, “July 25th,” she had a good laugh.

“Oh!!! I get it!”
She gets it and I get my gingerbread cookies!