Meeting and Eating my way through Cannes!

I’ve been on the road much of this year. I’ve had the great fortune to travel to London and now I am in the beautiful city of Cannes. I’ll be home for a mere moment before I’m off again to Los Angeles, Toronto, Nashville, Singapore and the Philippines.

I had some really exciting meetings here in Cannes for MIP Formats and MIP TV. In a way going back to my TV producer roots all in an effort to succeed in my Christmas dream.

It has been a really beautiful experience so far, so much I realize I have to learn but so much I already know. I’ve been using my quiet time to relax but also regroup and recollect all the plans I have for this year.

The French Rivera sunlight and sea doesn’t hurt either, although it’s not too entirely Christmasy.

I love France. When I was younger, I lived in France with a goal to learn the language. It was decided that the best way for me to do this was for me to live with a family that didn’t speak English for several months and hope I come out speaking the language. Education by immersion, was a pretty scary experience. As I am writing this, I realize that most things I’ve learned was by going all in.

Very similar to how I feel now.