Jet lag and other beautiful things!

Jet lag happens when your heart still beats to the clock of a world you’ve left behind.

I’ve had an amazing few days in Europe and am really proud of the work accomplished.  In the past few days I’ve seen Switzerland, France and Germany and made friends in dozens of countries, and reconnected with old friends!

It’s a blessing to speak and understand as many languages as I do, and to have many friends in different parts of the world from different backgrounds and countries. Having lived in Nîmes, France and I was so proud that my French kicked back in. I enjoyed being able to speak Chinese to people who lived in the UK and English to Russians who live in Sweden. Thank God, he made me a global child! 😀

I’m always astounded as to how world is such a big and beautiful place. No matter how big the world is, some of the basic human things like dreams are the same everywhere. My life continues to be an exceptional ride and I cannot wait to share all the news with you this year 😀